Extension & OutReach

MES Asmabi College is committed to integrating community engagement through extension activities. Actively involving students in these initiatives yields a myriad of outcomes, ranging from practical experience to the promotion of civic responsibility. Engaging students in extension activities such as caring for aged and financially backward, fosters empathy, social awareness, and a sense of responsibility. E-waste collection and eco-restoration instill a sense of environmental responsibility in students, enlightening their overall commitment to social and global issues. Organising free cancer detection camp; flood relief activities etc. broadened their social perception. Overall, the extension activity encourages well-rounded personal and social development among students by emphasizing the values of compassion and proactive engagement in addressing societal challenges. Bringing students closer to real-life issues promotes their holistic development.

TITLE Department/Category From date
Shrimp Summit 2024 Aquaculture 2024-06-27
World Environment Day 2024 - Herbal Garden and Arboretum Inauguration Botany 2024-06-05
World Environment Day Physical Education 2024-06-05
Restoration of Threatened Tree Species on International Biodiversity Day 2024 Botany 2024-05-22
Restoration of Threatened Tree Species at Shanghukulangara Kavu Botany 2024-03-23
Shastrasametam Physics 2024-01-01
Shastrasametam Physics 2024-01-01
Year of Millets Biochemistry,Chemistry,Aquaculture,Botany 2023-11-27
NCC Raising Day Physical Education 2023-11-24
Visit to Aashrayam Agathimanthiram-A compassionate journey Commerce and Management Studies 2023-11-16
Out reach programme Commerce 2023-11-14
RBI VISIT 2022-23 Economics 2023-10-27
Gandhi Jayanti Week Celebration - "Cleaning Drive"-2023 Botany 2023-10-05
Coffee distribution among night passengers Commerce and Management Studies 2023-09-24
Children's Home Visit Physical Education 2023-08-15
E waste management and collection inauguration Economics 2023-08-06
Mangrove Restoration at Gothuruth, SN Puram Grama Panchayat Botany 2023-07-05
International Plastic bag free Day Physical Education 2023-07-03
International Olympic DAY observation Physical Education 2023-06-23
Blood Donation Camp- Donate Blood & Save Life Commerce and Management Studies 2023-06-12
Net Zero Carbon Sree Narayana Puram Botany 2023-06-09
Community Nursery for Ecorestoration Botany 2023-06-09
World Ocean Day activity Physical Education 2023-06-08
WORLD OCEAN DAY 2023 OBSERVATION (BEACH CLEAN-UP PROGRAMME) Fish Processing Technology 2023-06-08
hariyali Journalism and Mass Communication 2023-06-06
hariyali Journalism and Mass Communication 2023-06-06
School Children Participating in Coastal Restoration Botany 2023-06-06
hariyali Journalism and Mass Communication 2023-06-06
hariyali Journalism and Mass Communication 2023-06-06
hariyali Journalism and Mass Communication 2023-06-06
World Environment Day Physical Education 2023-06-05
Inauguration of Second Phase for the Restoration of Sacred Groves and Ponds Botany 2023-04-30
Outbound Training and Industrial visit to S4 BBA Students 2022-23 Academic Year Commerce and Management Studies 2023-04-25
YIP 5.0 evaluator Aquaculture 2023-03-14
Kavettam Malayalam,Political Science 2023-03-10
Community Based Ecorestoration of Degraded Mangrove Ecosystems at Eriyad Grama Panchayath Botany 2023-03-09
Sangramamadhava Mana visit Mathematics 2023-03-06
OLD AGE HOME VISIT Statistics,Mathematics 2023-03-06
Sangramamadhava Mana visit Statistics,Mathematics 2023-03-06
Signing Two MoU for Research and Best Practice with BMC SN Puram Botany 2023-03-01
Experia,’ e waste collection held at Puthumanaparambu Ward 14 English 2023-02-28
“EXPERIA 23” E-Governance Training and Survey Computer Application 2023-02-28
‘Experia 23’ E-waste collection Computer Application 2023-02-28
‘Experia,’ e waste collection Mathematics 2023-02-28
Experia 23 Tourism & Hospitality Management 2023-02-28
"Experia" _ E-waste collection campaign Commerce 2023-02-28
EXPERIA E-WASTE COLLECTION Statistics,Mathematics,Political Science 2023-02-28
Experia 2023 e-waste collection Commerce and Management Studies 2023-02-28
Experia 2023 Physics 2023-02-28
Aquarium making Aquaculture 2023-02-03
EXPERIA’ E WASTE COLLECTION Digital Film Production 2023-02-02
Formation of Harithakarmasena Commerce 2023-01-17
Blanket Distribution for Nomads Commerce and Management Studies 2022-12-23
Scientific Monitoring Process of the Restoration Sites Botany 2022-12-22
Quality Management in Fish Processing Industry Aquaculture 2022-12-21
Expert Interaction Class - GFVHSS, Kaipamangalam Fish Processing Technology 2022-12-21
Expert Interaction Class - GFVHSS Kaipamangalam Aquaculture 2022-12-21
Exibition Statistics,Mathematics 2022-12-21
Food Distribution (Pothychor) at Thrissur round 2022-12-21
VISIT TO IFFK Digital Film Production 2022-12-09
visit to Divyakarunya ashramam Commerce and Management Studies 2022-11-26
NCC Day Celebration Physical Education 2022-11-26
Anti drug campaign Botany 2022-10-28
CMHEP Programme named Manoneetham Psychology 2022-10-14
Now and The New Orientation program for first year bsc psychology students Psychology 2022-09-30
Children's Home Visiting Physical Education 2022-08-15
MES Fitness Centre and Athletics Academy Physical Education 2022-08-13
Har khar Thiranga Awareness Rally 2022-08-13
IIC Regional meet Kochi 2022: August 6 2022-08-06
Peacehome visit of BBA Students Commerce and Management Studies 2022-07-28
RBI Visit Economics 2022-07-19
MOU SIGNED WITH SN PURAM PANCHAYATH Journalism and Mass Communication 2022-07-01
National Statistics Day Statistics,Mathematics 2022-06-29
World Environmental Day Physical Education 2022-06-05
National Mathematics day celebration 21-22 Statistics,Mathematics 2021-12-22
Certificate of Recognition - Kerala Bird Atlas 5 Year Contribution 2021-08-05
Expert Team Visit to Disaster Hit Coastal Areas of SN Puram Grama Panchayath Botany 2021-06-05
Coastal Vegetation Restoration for Climate Change Induced Disaster Mitigation Botany 2021-06-03
Eye Camp Arabic 2020-02-04
eye camp Arabic 2020-02-04
Gramika '19 ( E-Waste Collection) Tourism & Hospitality Management 2019-11-30