The College Council consists of the Principal, all Heads of the Departments, two representatives from the teaching staff and College Librarian. It is an advisory body on all internal and academic affairs of the college.

The members of the Council are:

Principal (President)

  • Dr. A. Biju ,Principal (President)

Heads of the Departments

  • Dr Basheer P T (Arabic)
  • Dr K Kesavan (Aquaculture)
  • Mr Mohammed Areej E M (Biochemistry)
  • Dr Girija T P (Botany)
  • Dr Ansar E B (Chemistry)
  • Ms Chithra P (Commerce)
  • Dr Haseena V A (Economics)
  • Dr Reena Mohamed P M (English)
  • Dr Ranjith M (Hindi)
  • Mr Semeerkhan P (History)
  • Dr Jaisy David (Malayalam)
  • Ms Nasreen A (Mathematics)
  • Dr Sheena P A (Physics)
  • Dr Sanand C. Sadanandakumar (Political Science)
  • Lt M B Bindil (Physical Education)
  • Mr Suseel T S (Zoology)
  • Dr K P Sumedhan, Director, Self-Financing Departments
  • Dr Ramisha K C (B.Com. Computer Applications)
  • Ms Shiji T S (B.Com. Finance)
  • Dr Shahija V A (B B A)
  • Ms Jabin T H (Computer Applications)
  • Ms Sunaina M Nazar (Mass Communication)
  • Mr Lathif Penath (Psychology)
  • Dr Sayana K A (B.Voc. Fish Processing Technology)
  • Mr Mynag Suresh (B.Voc. Digital Film Production)
  • Mr Abdul Yafiz K M (B.Voc. Logistics Management)
  • Ms Shafna A S (B.Voc.Tourism & Hospitality Management)

Nominated Members

  • Dr Amitha P Mani
  • Dr Amitha Bachan K H


  • Ms Saliha P I