TITLE From date
Coffee distribution to night drivers 2023-09-24
Coffee distribution among night passengers 2023-09-24
Children's Home Visit 2023-08-15
Chitra Ramayanam National Seminar/Art exhibition 2023-08-14
Mangrove Restoration at Gothuruth, SN Puram Grama Panchayath: 5th August 2023 2023-08-05
Itihas ke nirmatha Premchand symposium 2023-07-31
Vaikam Muhammed Basheer Anusmaranam & Drama Performance ' Oru Basheerian Kallan" 2023-07-11
Plant Count at Coastal Ecorestoration site 2023-06-05
Plant Count at Coastal Ecorestoration site: 5th June 2023 2023-06-05
Paniya Tribals Oorukkootam program 2023-03-21
Community Based Ecorestoration of Degraded Mangrove Ecosystems 2023-03-09
Old age home Visit 2023-03-06
Visit to Mana of Sangramagrama Madhavan 2023-03-06
Sangramamadhava Mana visit 2023-03-06
“EXPERIA 23” E-Governance Training and Survey 2023-02-28
‘Experia 23’ E-waste collection 2023-02-28
Fine arts day 2023-02-13
Republic day celebration 2023-01-26
International Learner's Summit 2022 2022-12-15
National Pollution Control Day ---Observation 2022-12-02
Water filter cleaning 2022-12-02
PTA 2022-23 2022-11-23
PTA 2022-23 2022-11-23
World Fisheries Day 2021- 22 Street Play 2022-11-21
observation of Laharivimuktha Dinam 2022-11-14
Media, Democracy and 75 years of freedom 2022-11-11
Anti-drug Human chain 2022-11-01
Debate 2022-10-31
Rashtradeepika Competition 2022-10-29
Drug Abuse and its Ill Effects. 2022-10-28
World Mental Health Day Observation 2022 (28/10/2022) 2022-10-28
DEBATE 2022-10-27
Fine Arts Club 2022-10-27
Mappilappattinte Monjumayi 2022-10-27
World Mental Health Day Observation 2022 (27/10/2022) 2022-10-27
CMHEP Project : Student Enhancement Program Inauguration – Manoneetham 2022-10-14
Releasing new edition of Forest Rights Act 2006 book 2022-10-08
World Suicide Prevention Awareness Day Observation September 2022 2022-09-30
Participation in Nehru Yuva Kendra Youth festival 2022-09-29
Travelogue Writing Competition 2022-09-25
Hands on Training for all Upper Primary school teachers in SN Puram Gramapanchayath 2022-09-20
NATIONAL TRIP 2020 BATCH 2022-09-08
Teachers day letter writing competition 2022-09-05
Onam Celebration with Media one 2022-09-01
Onam celebration 2022-09-01
Onam celebration 2022-08-31
Menstrual hygiene seminar 2022-08-27
PTA Meeting 2022-08-17
Anti drug cell's inaugration 2022-08-16
flag hoisting at college and home 2022-08-15
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsavu 2022-08-12
Flag face painting 2022-08-12
Extempore competition’ based on Azadi ka amrit mahotsav 2022-08-10
Orientation for Swayam online courses 2022-08-01
Anti-tobacco signature campaign 2022-07-22
Capacity Building Programme For Young Social Science Faculty 2022-07-21
Blood donation camp 2022-07-18
Blood donation camp 2022-07-18
Hands on training for Student mentors of Department of Psychology 2022-07-15
Boomiyude avakashikal 2022-07-05
Pride Month Observation (24th June 2022) 2022-06-24
International Music day Observation 2022-06-21
Yoga day 2022-06-18
Yoga day 2022-06-18
Anti-tobacco sticker placement in public places 2022-06-17
Educational Problems in Tribal Area-A Case Study workshop 2022-04-20
Research Supervision: Process and Ethics 2022-03-03
Khadi Exhibition and Seminar 2022-02-17
Training on paper Bag Making 2022-02-17
PTA Meeting 2022-01-19
Meeting of Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan Preparation 2021-12-16
ACBAA Alumni Meett 2021 2021-10-03
Forest Right Act and Community Forest Resource in Kerala Towards Policy Advocacy 2021-09-28
Forest Rights Act Webinar 2021-09-28
Training for Officials and Tribal GS member Forest Right Act and Community Forest Resource in Kerala Towards Policy Advocacy: 28th September 2021 2021-09-28
Coastal Ecorestoration Phase 1 - Inaugration 2021-09-16
Coastal Ecorestoration Phase 1 Inauguration 2021-09-16
Hindi Day Celebration 2021-09-14
National Webinar on ‘Swami sahajananda Saraswathi’ 2021-07-22
Yoga Day Observation 2021-06-21
Yoga kabirdas ki drishti mem 2021-06-21
Importance of Reading 2021-06-19
Coastal Vegetation Belt for - Climate Change Induced Disaster Mitigation 2021-06-03
One day workshop on ecorestoration 30.03.2021 2021-03-30
Training for Officials and Tribal GS member 2021-01-14
Conservation and Right Debate Series 2020-10-10
Impact of Dilution of EIA on Environment and People 2020-08-25
Gandhi chitan ki avasyakatha 2020-07-31
Mentor Award in the GOAL Mentor Program by Ministry of Tribal Affairs Govt. India and Facebook 2020-07-02
National Webinar 2020-06-05
Government of India Ministry of Tribal Affairs FRA Division Meeting 2020-03-16
Prime International Poetry Festival - Poetry publication and presentation 2020-02-16
IPR Provision in Forest Right Act, 2006 2019-12-18
Seminar on Forest Rights and Traditional Resource Management for Tribal Communities of Nilambur 2019-12-12
Seminar on Forest Rights and Traditional Resource Management for Tribal Communities of Nilambur 2019-12-12
Akksharakuttu 2019-06-19
International Prime Poetry Festival 2019-03-10
Civil Military Realations in Indian literature( UGC sponsored Internaional Seminar) 2015-09-18
International Webinar 0020-05-20