IPR State Level Workshop Report

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of Natural Resources and Indigenous Communities

The Research and PG Department of Botany, MES Asmabi College conducted National Seminar on Human and Ecological Right of Forest and Forest People in the Western Ghats in the background of Forest Right Act and second Kerala CFR Conference during 19-20th March in collaboration with Western Ghats Hornbill Foundation. A separate session was their on Intellectual property Right (IPR) for natural resources in which the traditional community depend on. The session was chaired by Dr. K SajeevKFRI, Dr.AmruthKFRI and Dr.K.H. Amitha Bachan presented technical papers based on IPR of forest resources and MFP. The session discussed in detail about the IPR provisions in the section 3(1)k of the Forest Right Act 2006 and role of Grama Sabahas in securing the rights. Tribal Grama Sabha members also participated in the discussion.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Session in 4th CFR Kerala Conference
In the context of the 10th year anniversary of the implementation of the Forest Right Act, a conference was organised by Western Ghats Hornbill Foundation and MES Asmabi College in collaboration with Human Right Law Network, Vasundhara, and Keraleeyam on 19th, 20th and 21st of November 2017 in Kochin. A detailed session was there on IPR provision mentioned in the Forest Rights Act 2006. The session was inaugurated by Tribal activist and journalist from Jharkhand, DayamaniBarla inaugurated the workshop. She spoke about how FRA (Forest Right Act) 2006, was meant to fight the injustices against scheduled tribes and other traditional forest dwellers and also to assert their rights over land, Water and forest resources. A detailed discussion and presentation was there on IPR recognised in the Biodiversity Act (Adv. Alphonse), the Kani experience in IPR (Mr.Viswambharan Kani) and its issues and the present provisions provided in the inclusive legislation section 3(1)k of FRA 2006 (Dr.K.H. Amitha Bachan. 96 tribal Grama Sabha members, Students and faculties across the state attended the session.

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