TITLE From date
Organic farming 2023-06-05
Inauguration of Greenius, An agriculture club for organic farming 2023-06-05
LITEARTH '23 2023-06-03
Go Green 2023-03-10
Community Based Ecorestoration of Degraded Mangrove Ecosystems 2023-03-09
Collected e-waste Delivered to Earth Sense Recycle Pvt. Ltd 2023-03-07
MoU with Earth Sense Recycle Pvt. Ltd.,Palakkad 2023-03-07
Tresnaturalle 2023-03-06
Echoing Green & Green Challenge 2023-03-04
Green Intiative Activity: 1 “Debate: Enviornmental Implications due to fast fashion industry” 2023-03-03
Green Intiative Activity: 2 “Lets clean our surroundings” 2023-03-03
MoU with Earth Sense Recycle Pvt. Ltd, Palakkad 2023-03-01
Experia - E - waste collection drive 2023-02-28
"Experia" _ E-waste collection campaign 2023-02-28
Awareness class on regarding e- waste collection and disposal 2023-02-27
Awareness class on e-waste collection 2023-02-27
"How to Make a Waste Bin" 2023-02-06
"How to Make a Waste Bin" 2023-02-06
Wetland awareness talk by BSc Botany students 2023-02-03
As part of Green Campus initiative conducted Wetland day celebration 2023 2023-02-02
Departmental green challenge 2023-02-01
Formation of Harithakarmasena at MES Asmabi College, P Vemballur 2023-01-17
Formation of Harithakarmasena 2023-01-17
World Environment Day 2022: Launching MAD Week Event 2022-06-05
Training on paper Bag Making 2022-02-17
Minister Visited Coastal Restoration Site - Model for Coastal Restoration 2021-09-16
Principle and Practices for Ecorestoration of Coastal Ecosystems in Kerala 2021-09-16
World Environment Day celebrations 2021- Title on "Changes and issues on coastal zone 2021-06-05
Costal Vegetation Belt for Climate Change Induced Disaster Mitigation 2021-06-03
Restoring nature for human sustenance 2020-06-05
Gramika '19 ( E-Waste Collection) 2019-11-30