Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is the superlative body accommodating stakeholder representatives from all spheres of the institution. The cell is a compulsory set-up constituted as per the guidelines of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of UGC. The IQAC is a guide cum facilitator to point out and initiate critical areas of quality enhancement and sustenance.

The NAAC’s advocacy of establishment of IQAC by every accredited institution as a post-accreditation measure is the first step towards institutionalization and internalization. IQAC got established in M.E.S. Asmabi College in 2004 i.e post-accreditation.


To transform organizational and individual potential to create productive and responsible citizens.


To stimulate an academic environment for promotion of teaching- learning process and research. To channelize changes towards all round development of students through facilitation, community participation and sensitization to social and ethical issues.


  • To develop realistic and attainable quality benchmarks for each of the academic and administrative activities
  • To keep the institution abreast of and abuzz with quality sustenance activities on a wide gamut of pertinent issues through Workshops / Seminars / Panel Discussions etc.
  • To ensure continuous improvement in all the operational aspects of the college and assure its stakeholders of the accountability of the institution for its own qualityli>
  • To encourage the quest for learning and research.
  • To bring efficient governance.
  • To inculcate and spread social responsibility in the campus community.