We at MES ASMABI COLLEGE are committed to acheive excellence through :


Sl No Name of the policy Teacher in Charge
1 Research & Publication Policy Dr Amitha Bcchan
2 Research Promotion Dr Dhanya
3 Policy on code of conduct & Code of Ethics Ms Jameelathu K A
4 IT policy Ms Jabin T H & Dr. K Kesavan
5 Green Policy Ms Shemi C B & Sri. Muhammad Areej
6 Waste Management Policy Dr Ansar E B
7 Scholarship policy Ms Nazeema K N
8 Library Policy Ms Swaliha
9 Consultancy Policy Mr Lathief Penath
10 Staff Development Policy Dr Sanand C S & Sri. Moideen
11 Office administration policy Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Sri. Moideen & Sri Sadharudheen
12 (Accountability and transparency policy) Smt. Sabitha MM
13 Divyanjan Policy Dr Sakkeena
14 E Governance Policy Ms Shiney C N
15 E Payment policy Ms Deepa K A
16 Environmental and Energy policy Dr Jisha K C
17 Mentoring policy and procedure Dr Jeena P M
18 Policy against plagiarism Dr Reshmi S
19 Curriculum enrichment policy Dr Amitha P Mani
20 Gender and equity Policy Smt. Veenalakshmi U
21 Maintenance policy Ms Nasreen A & Jaseer
22 Safety and Security Policy Cp Bindil Balan
23 Quality policy Dr Shafeer P S
24 Greivance Redressal Policy Dr Reena Mohammed
25 Anti-Ragging policy Shibu A Nair
26 Policy on extension and outreach Dr. Princy Francis & Mr Balasubramanian
27 Policy on alumni activities Mona VM & Dr. KP Sumedhan
28 Campus development policy Sri. Muhammad Areej
29 Policy on innovation ecosystem Smt. Chithra P & Dr. Dhanya K
30 Students development policy Dr. Dhanya K
31 Resource mobilisation policy Dr. Sefiya K M